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Engagement Ring / Semi Mount Ring

An engagement ring sold without the center stone set in it is known as a semi mount ring. Semi Mount Ring is perfect for anyone seeking to use their center stone. The semi mount ring expands the number of options and possibilities for customizing a ring to your unique specifications.
Solitaire Ring
Solitaire engagement rings are a classic expression of true love and as a promise for marriage.  Featuring only a band and one solitaire diamond set on it makes this ring simple, yet bold.  The statement made by a Solitaire Diamond Ring is delicate, beautiful and stunning. 

A three stone ring represent the past, present and future. I have loved you, I love you & I will always love you. Most common trend in a three stone diamond ring is to have a larger diamond in the center and two smaller diamonds on the side. A three stone diamond ring is an excellent way to show your love and devotion. Three stone ring is also known and referred as Trilogy Ring. Couples also attach a different meaning where the two side stones represent the couple and the centre stone represents God who is the core of the relationship. If you are looking for a token of symbol that signifies your commitment, trust and respect then a trilogy ring is for you. Trilogy ring set with stones of same size is often given to symbolize the birth of their third child or 3rd anniversary. Diamonds are a popular choice, but Three Stone Ring can be made up of any gemstone, or a mixture of both.

An eternity band is designed to be a symbol or token of everlasting love. Eternity band is traditionally presented after a couple has already been married. The concept of giving an eternity band is to celebrate a milestone in a marriage it can be given as a gift to commemorate an anniversary or to celebrate the birth of their first child. When choosing an eternity band make sure you have your correct ring size. You may also want to consider the diamond size and make sure that it compliments any other ring you may be wearing with it. Eternity band can be worn alone or as a great compliment to an engagement ring.

Wedding Band is the most famous recognized symbol to unite a joining couple in an institution of marriage. Ring is shaped in a circle to symbolize time, which has no beginning and no end. The hole in the center of the ring symbolizes a gateway leading to things and events know and unknown. Hence the wedding ring is associated with love, hope and emotions. Wedding band is worn on the third finger of the left hand because of a belief that the vein of that finger connects directly to the heart. For the day you will always remember, make sure every detail is perfect by finding the most desirable wedding band. Browse our collection from plain simple to unique hand – crafted styles.

Gifting someone with a Diamond Solitaire expresses emotions of love, passion and romance, making it the perfect gift for your loved one. Diamond Solitaire Earring has always been fashion forward due to its scintillating, showy and shimmering effects.
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